Thursday, August 23, 2012

The CHB Diaries, Addendum Or The Best And Sweetest "Yes"

Two and a half weeks ago, CHB threw a cooler into the back of his truck, zipped up his red jacket, and drove us through Provo Canyon.

The sun was setting, low and lazy, when we found a grassy spot near the river. We rolled out a blanket and set down the blue and white cooler. The two small tubs of Hagan Daaz ice cream were cold, nestled among the dripping ice cubes.

We listened to the clicking crickets, CHB dipping into my tub of coffee and me dipping into his tub of chocolate peanut butter. It was a sweet and perfect exchange.

As I lifted the lid of the cooler to put the ice cream away, I saw a book bathing in the pool of melted ice.

"What's this?"

I pulled the book out and carefully removed the plastic wrapping. I immediately recognized it as one of the hardcover books--the beautiful Penguin Classics--that CHB has been gifting me throughout our courtship. Every month or so he offers up a new book for no good reason at all (which is really the best reason to give a gift).

Our initials were engraved on the cover.

"Our initials!" I said.

"Look inside," he said.

I opened the book; CHB had carved a proposal through the thick pages of text.




Tied to a red ribbon book mark and resting within the deep groove of the exclamation point's point (!) was my great-grandmother's ring.

In one fluid and fearless movement, I passed the ring to him, he got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife.


Of course, yes. It was the easiest "yes." The best and sweetest on my tongue "yes."

Then, we rested on our backs and watched the bats swoop through the milky blue sky and felt chilled by the night air.

And then, my whole body was full of light.


Liz said...

eeeeeeee!!! Such a beautiful proposal. The best proposal. Not that it matters, but WHICH BOOK?!!

Krisanne said...

Tess of the d'Ubervilles. I haven't read it but I hear it's about a feisty young woman who challenges the sexual politics of her day. Sounds like the perfect book for me. ;)

Amy said...

Congratulations, Krisanne! Sweet story. When's the big day?

Jen said...

Beautiful! A perfect proposal for the perfect couple.

AllieJ said...

Holy MOSES, I just adore your blog. I am just simply so happy for you!! And so glad I found your blog...:) Oh dear, I am so filled with delight!

llcall said...

Perfect proposal, indeed. But I think I'm even more in love with the periodic book gifting! Can't wait to read the eventual blog post about your wedding day!!

Melissa B. said...

:) How absolutely thrilling!!! It sounds like you've found your soul mate.

PS you need to print this post and add it to your wedding album - this is a story for your posterity!

Anonymous said...

Great end to a great love story!! The ring is lovely.

It's been said that: Love is just a word until someone comes along and gives it meaning. I'm glad CHB is your someone:)

Here's to more happy stories!!



Jordan said...

The perfect ending to a perfect beginning.

HDH. said...

A few comments here:

1. Hip, hip! Oh, and HOORAY, too!
2. That ring is GORGEOUS. And I don't think many rings are gorgeous. Can't wait to see it in person for oohing and aahing.
3. A mutual love of coffee Haagen Dazs is just one of many reasons we're friends.

This is SO GREAT, and I'm thrilled for you for all the above reasons (in that order)!

HeatherLynn said...

Con-happy-happy-gratulations! Thrilled for you! Beautiful proposal and you radiate!

jenn potter said...

Lovethissomuch! Truly! I love you guys and I am so happy for you!

k a t y said...

Somehow I missed thus post and so glad I came to learn of and enjoy it!! I think we need to see a picture of THE book!

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